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    A Will isn't just about deciding what you want to do with your assets.
    It's about protecting your family.

50% of the UK population do not have a Will.

There are 30 million people without a Will in the UK.

The UK IHT bill was £7+ Billion in 2023.

Every year families lose significant amounts of the family fortunes due to badly planned inherence planning.

Your debts do not die with you.

When you die all of your debt will be passed on to your loved ones.


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Providing The Best Will & Trusts To Customers.

At Final Wish, we specialise in crafting personalised wills and trusts to safeguard your assets and secure your family’s future. With our expert guidance, you can rest assured that your unique needs are met with precision and care. Contact us today to start planning for peace of mind.

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We Are The Number One Will Asset Protection Services.

Need a will fast? Three people in a room. One is a will adviser the other two are a couple signing a will.

Legal document stating wishes for assets after death.

Mutual wills mirroring each other’s terms.
Legal arrangements managing assets for beneficiaries’ benefits.

Legal arrangement managing assets during grantor’s lifetime.

Need a will fast? Three people in a room. One is a will adviser the other two are a couple signing a will.

Trust designed to preserve assets and avoid probate.

Legal arrangement managing property assets for beneficiaries’ benefit.

Simple legal arrangement holding assets for beneficiaries’ ownership.

Securely store your will for peace of mind.

About company

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We make getting your Will done simple. Do it online at your own pace. Our trusted experts will double check everything and offer further advice where needed. Just ask!


Highly impressed with the will service provided by Final Wish. Seamless process, expert guidance, and peace of mind knowing my wishes are safeguarded. Highly recommend!

Jorge brown


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Do today what you may not be able to do tomorrow!

Get Your Will, Protect Your Family.

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A Will is your final wish. Make sure it happens the way you want.



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