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Bare Trust Services in the UK

Simplify Your Estate Planning with Transparent Bare Trust Solutions

Welcome to Bare Trust, the premier provider of Bare Trust services across the UK. Our dedicated team specialises in creating Bare Trusts that offer a straightforward way to manage and pass on assets, making them an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity in their estate planning.

Why Choose Final Wish for Your Bare Trust Needs?

Benefits of Establishing a Bare Trust

1. Straightforward Management:

Bare Trusts are easy to set up and manage, with minimal ongoing administration required.

2. Clear Beneficiary Rights:

Beneficiaries have immediate and direct entitlement to the trust assets upon reaching the age of majority.

3. Estate Planning Simplified:

An effective tool for passing on assets to the next generation without the complexities of other trust arrangements.

4. Tax Considerations:

Contributions to a Bare Trust may reduce your Inheritance Tax exposure, as assets are treated as gifts to the beneficiary.

Our Bare Trust Services Include:

With Final Wish, setting up a Bare Trust is simple and straightforward. Our expert team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring your assets are protected and passed on according to your wishes.

BARE Trust Facts

Simple Structure:

Easiest trust form for straightforward asset management.

Immediate Rights:

Beneficiaries access assets at 18 (16 in Scotland).

Tax Transparency:

Assets taxed according to beneficiary's status after transfer.

Open Contributions:

Anyone can contribute, ideal for gifts, inheritance planning.

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Need a will fast? Three people in a room. One is a will adviser the other two are a couple signing a will.

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