Top Reasons People Do Not Make a Will & How To Over Come Them.

Two People Discussing Reasons Why People do Not Make A Will

A lack of awareness about the importance of wills, misconceptions regarding will-making requirements, fear of complexity and time commitment, financial concerns related to legal costs, and unrealistic beliefs about will necessity are among the top reasons people do not make a will. Emotional barriers, and uncertainty about legal procedures, procrastination, and a lack of knowledge on how to start the […]

When Should You Update Your Will?

Two elderly people updating their Will

Considering when to update your will is crucial as personal circumstances change. Don’t wait – it’s best to update your will frequently to avoid complications.

What Happens to Funeral Flowers After a Cremation

What happens to flowers at a funeral. A coffin with flowers on top

Flowers can symbolise a final tribute, a way to turn a sombre occasion into something of beauty when arranged by a skilled florist. Today, you might find yourself wondering what becomes of these flowers after the funeral or cremation has ended. It’s a consideration, as these flowers carry the weight of farewells and unspoken words […]

Tell Us Once UK – Everything You Need To Know When Registering a Death

Tell us once UK Government website on a laptop screen mockup

Imagine you’re dealing with the loss of a family member, and amidst your grief, you face the task of notifying government agencies. That’s where Tell Us Once helps, offering you a simple way to handle these notifications in one go. You’ll need to prepare yourself with specific documents and information before you start, but don’t […]

What Happens to My Money When I Die

What Happens to My Money When I Die

Navigating through life, your financial footprint is like a shadow that follows you, even after you’ve taken your final step. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your money when you pass away, you’re not alone. This step-by-step guide walks you through the process, from ensuring your wishes are documented to the distribution of your […]

What Happens to My Debt When I Die: A Complete Guide

What Happens to My Debt When I Die

Navigating the maze of debt after death is like trying to find your way through a labyrinth in the dark; it’s complex and filled with unknowns. You might be wondering what becomes of your debts once you’re no longer here to manage them. Whether it’s mortgages, credit cards, or personal loans, understanding how your debts […]

What Happens to My Bank Account When I Die: A Step-by-Step Guide

What Happens to My Bank Account When I Die

What happens to your bank account when you die? It’s a question that might not cross your mind often, but it’s essential for ensuring your loved ones face as few obstacles as possible during an already difficult time. When you die there are a few things that could happen to your bank account depending on […]

How to Prepare: What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die

You might think discussing what happens after you die is important, but it’s actually a vital step in ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. By tackling the emotional, financial, and practical preparations now, you’re not just planning for an inevitable event; you’re easing the burden on those you’ll one day leave […]

What Happens to My Annuity When I Die

What happens to your annuity after you're gone

Have you ever considered the journey your annuity sets out on after you’re no longer here? It’s a question that might not cross your mind often, but it’s important for planning your legacy. Understanding the fate of your annuity upon your demise guarantees your beneficiaries are well taken care of and not left grappling with […]

How to Discuss Wills and Estate Planning With Your Loved Ones

The importance of having a Will

You will likely want to walk a careful path, putting the feelings of those you love first, even if it means you might feel a bit uncomfortable. The conversation about discussing wills and estate planning with your family can sometime be uncomfortable. You need to choose the right moment carefully, ensuring the atmosphere is conducive to […]

Wills Vs. Trusts Understanding the Differences and Determining What You Need

Last will and Testament on a table along with a book about Law

When you’re preparing for the inevitable, it’s crucial to understand the differences between wills and trusts to ensure your wishes are respected. You’ve likely heard that a will is essential for stating your final desires, but a trust can offer more nuanced control over how your estate is handled, both in life and after. However, […]